Bazaar Traders is a small, family-owned business, built from the ground up with one goal – to bring the world into your home.

Let us explain.

We’re Paul and Anna, the Ying and Yang of the business.

Paul has been travelling the world for over 20 years, an experience that he thinks would make for a great book. Anna, however, has other ideas.

From wandering the world famous bazaars in Morocco, to selling beautiful knick knacks out of a camper van across Europe, Paul possesses a world of unique experiences. Experiences derived from deep diving into countless cultures and learning things that make our lives a little less ordinary.

Anna, on the other hand, wants to bring these little doses of “little less ordinary” into your home.

In 2017, on a trip to China, Anna spotted an Hanging Chair. She HAD to have it.

It was much, much better than the ones I had seen here in Australia. It looked better. Was more spacious. And, felt solid”.

Paul promised to get her one. After all, it was just a matter of buying it and getting it shipped, right?


The seller was dealing in bulk.

The only way to get that Hanging Chair was to place an order for a container load – 96 chairs!

Here’s where things get better. Paul matched his love for Anna, and his desire to bring back good things to Australia by shipping the first order for Hanging Chairs.

With a few phone calls and word of mouth, they sold 94. The other two sit proudly on their deck, usually hogged by their kids!

Paul’s worldliness and Anna’s tenacity gave birth to Bazaar Traders.

We’ve always had a special place in our heart for small businesses which keep the economy alive. Not just here in Australia, but the world over. Small businesses make dreams come true. They also connect with customers in a way that big businesses can’t. It’s more personal. It feels better.

Bazaar Traders represents an aspirational lifestyle.

A journey that transports you to a world of travel, adventure and magic.

A world of memories.

Will you take that trip with us?

We think you will.

That’s why we found each other.

“And, your wish is our command.”

Our Philosophy

Functional and beautiful – We really did travel quite a bit. You’ll find that inspiration trickle into every aspect of Bazaar Traders. Be it with our hanging chairs, or everything else we will add to our catalogue, you’ll find functionality and aesthetics woven into each item.

Service – Our customer service is par none. We mean that. Nothing, and we mean nothing, is more important to us than YOU. And, we will do our utmost to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of memorable. We strive to make sure you remember us fondly every time you see our products at home.

The wonders of the world into your home – This is our watchword. We’ve all seen beautiful things during our travels, in magazines, or on social media. Oftentimes we pacify ourselves saying we cannot buy them due to insanely high shipping fees. At Bazaar Traders, we help you overcome this obstacle by making beautiful, unique and quality products from around the world, available within Australia.

Do these sound like lofty goals?

No one really got anything worthy done dreaming small!